Red Rare Studio

The first version of the mobile game Boom Rush had limited features, so we were asked to rework the game in depth to make it more addictive.

While keeping the original concept of the game and its artistic direction, we have completely revised its gameplay by adding a new difficulty and evolution system in the game. We have integrated features common to all casual games so that players can quickly understand the new gameplay. New artwork, FX and balloons have also been added.

This overhaul became Boom Rush 2.

Development: Redesign + added features

Publisher: Ambitious Development

Platform: Android & iOS


  • Code overhaul
  • Gameplay overhaul (levels, missions, difficulties, currencies, etc.)
  • UI overhaul
  • Addition of a PVP multiplayer mode
  • Leaderboard overhaul
  • In-app purchase overhaul
  • Customization