Red Rare Studio



Below is a collection of questions that we are regularly asked.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

Red Rare is an independent development studio located in Montpellier, in the south of France. 

We work both on the production of our own games and on the realization of missions in outsourcing. We are thus regularly involved in designing/working on projects that are very different one from the other.  

We can develop games from scratch, meet outsourcing development needs for various partners, port existing or upcoming games, and provide additional services such as GDD writing, QA testing, website creation, etc. 

We can develop all sorts of games, whether for PC, console or mobile.

We have no limit on the type of game, 2D or 3D, Hyper Casual or Rogue-like, simulation or advergame...

The only limit is the seriousness of the project and the allocated budget.

We work mainly on Unity and Unreal. But we are not opposed to work on other game engines. 

We are equipped with PCs and Macs in order to be able to deploy the projects we work on to the main stores.

An advergame is a video game created to promote a product, brand or service.

They are designed to engage players by providing fun and exciting challenges, while subtly presenting advertisements for your associated product, brand or service.

They can be very effective in reaching a larger, more engaged audience. They help build your brand reputation, while providing an entertaining gaming experience. This can make players feel more inclined to interact with your brand or product.

A serious game is a video game designed to teach, educate or train players on a specific topic, such as education, health, safety, science, etc.

They can be very effective in teaching and training people. By using game mechanics, they can help players acquire skills and knowledge in an interactive and engaging way.

The universe of our games is indeed quite dark. We are inspired by the Rock & Metal and horror culture for our in-house productions.

However, we know how to adapt to our clients and their projects by creating more colorful and joyful content if that is their need.

We would love to hear about your game idea. But it is impossible for us to make a full or partial game for free. As an indie studio, we can't afford to work on a project that would take a long time to develop without any assurance of payment.

Creating a game is expensive, because it is a whole team and a set of diverse skills that are put at the service of the project. So we can neither work for free nor sell off our services. 

Many things are possible in terms of development. In order to determine the feasibility of your project we need detailed documents about your vision of the game, your needs, your plan and your goals.
After studying all these parts, we will be able to give you an estimate of the cost of the development.


Of course we do. As a service provider, we can intervene at any stage in the development of a game.

Yes, we do! We offer various redesign and reskinning services.
Depending on the old project we can update its code, layout, gameplay and/or functionality.

If the project is too old, a total redesign may be necessary.

Of course, this is possible. However, this request will be charged extra.

We are as sad as you are to hear this. It is important to us that the projects we work/have worked on are of sufficient quality to achieve the success they deserve. 
However, the success of a game is often very random and is in most cases due to a lack of communication/advertising or a flaw in the game concept.

As a provider we cannot guarantee the success of your games. Our field of action stops at the development. We can make suggestions for improvements, but we cannot guarantee success.

Sorry, but since we also offer outsourcing services, we do not outsource our work to other companies.

Absolutely. If conditions are favourable, we would be delighted to welcome you to our team for a few months. 

Feel free to check the "Career" page and to send us an email with CV+Portfolio.

We are sorry, but our office and our work do not allow us to welcome anyone except members of the studio.

It seems that zombies prefer their meat red rare.